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Our Client from Zimbabwe

Our Client from Zimbabwe
Our Client from Zimbabwe23

Waverley Plastics is a comany of family business in Zimbabwe. The owner is white people and their business include weaving industry, plastic cans, pet bottles, recycled plastics, plastic pipes and so on. They import some accesary related to their business from China every year. They have many different suppliers in China.

In 2014, CEO of Waverley Plastics visited our company for pipe machines. After comparing several different suppliers carefully, they chose our company as your supplier as pipe machines. Till now, we provide Waverley Plastics three pipe machines, one drip pipe machine, one plastic recycling line.

Waverley Plastics always pay high attention to the quality of their goods and they do good maintenace for all machines. They buy goods from China every year, and we help them to collect their goods and make loading for them. We are become good friends now.

It is great to have a good relationship with clients and obtain their trust. Faygo not only always provide high quality machine to all customers, but also give most considerate after-sale service to all customers.

Blowing machine customer case

The customer’s half-year production volume exceeds 16 million bottles

The customer’s half-year production volume exceeds 16 million bottles

A corner of the customer's production workshop

A corner of the customer's production workshop

A corner of the customer's production workshop

We are happy when customers are happy

Understand the background of the story in one minute

Congo (DRC) is the second largest country in Africa in terms of land area, with a population of nearly 100 million. It is an out-and-out big country in Africa.

The Congo River, which is similar to the existence of the Congo Mother River, spans the entire Congo Basin, and the Congo is named after it.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has always been called the gem of Africa. The origin of this name is that the Congo has many types of mineral resources and its reserves are extremely rich. The first batch of atomic bombs in the United States (including the atomic bomb "little boy" that fell on Japan) was used The uranium ore is taken from the Congo (DRC).

Chinese flying pigeons and African Congo

The intersection of Faygo Union and Congo comes from a local group company. After several generations of operations, they sit on Congo’s second largest mining resources, and the industries involve pharmaceuticals, transportation, hotels, etc.

At the beginning of 2010, the group company introduced the first beverage production line, and within 5 years, it has successively introduced 7 production lines, all of which are made in China.

The increase in output also brings new challenges. It is urgent to introduce a blow molding machine that can produce high output, low power consumption and easy to change the bottle shape. Especially in the summer of Congo, the production line is almost three months of "three shifts". Load production.

This puts extremely high demands on the bottle blowing machine. Since the technical director of the Group's Beverage Division: Mr. Umesh contacted us in 2014, Faygo has conducted several rounds of negotiations on customer requirements and finally determined the plan:

1. 6 cavity 10000 bottles per hour full servo blow molding machine

2. Based on the main 350ml gas cylinder, the energy consumption for stable operation is controlled within 25kw
3. Customized quick mold change tools for customers with more bottle types. After training, machine operators can complete mold removal and mold installation in about 15 minutes.

More than client (the story is not only here)

After Faygo’s first 6-cavity machine was put into operation, Faygo’s people have won 5-star praise from customers with their excellent knowledge and skills, enthusiastic and timely service, and completed the replacement of all blow molding machines in the factory within 2 years. At present, all the beverage products of customers, without exception, are produced in the high-speed blow molding machine of the Faygo Union Fanciers.

We are also fortunate to witness the brand influence of our customers. From the top five in the local area, we rank first in bottled drinking water, first in juice beverages, and the largest manufacturer of gas-containing products in Coke.

Today, if you come to Kinshasa, Congo, to engage in economic and trade activities, or to travel to Lubumbashi, walk into the shopping mall on the street, and buy a bottle of beverage at will, maybe its manufacturer is located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu.


Customer case

Customer name Igor Rosete
Client country Mexico
Customers order products Two fg-4pet bottle blowing machines
picture Rosete

The customer Igor Rosete found Christina Hu on Alibaba and consulted the relevant information of the bottle blowing machine, but the specific requirements were not very detailed. So Christina Hu added the customer’s WhatsApp and communicated with the customer in detail, but His response is not positive, but Christina Hu did not give up and still kept chatting with customers every day.

Although the customer's response was not positive, from the customer's response, Christina Hu found that This is the customer who really needs it, so Christina Hu summarized some customer’s information, based on this information, with Janet Lin drafted a quotation to the customer.

After receiving the quotation, the customer was very pleasantly surprised. He believed that Christina Hu was a serious and responsible person, so he told Christina Hu that he needed to discuss with the boss. In the next few days, Christina Hu has been tracking the progress and working with Janet Lin to continuously modify the new quotation to the customer according to the new needs of the customer.

Finally, the customer gave Christina Hu a satisfactory answer. Today, these two blow molding machines have been in operation in the customer's factory. The customer is very satisfied with the machines and services of the Faygo Union, and said that they will cooperate with the Faygo Union next time.

next time

Dominica 16-110 pe pipe line---Betty

service is done

At first, the customer Anthony found our company on Alibaba, and then Betty Zhang responded in time by adding his whatsapp. When the customer gave Betty Zhang the specific size of his factory and asked her if space is enough for the machine, Betty Zhang knew this was a serious customer who have real inquiry on machine. After the customer provided the pipe diameter and wall thickness, Betty Zhang gave a quotation of 57,000 USD, the customer provided another quotation of 33,000 USD. After that, Betty Zhang gave her quotation, the customer’s quotation, and the customer’s pipe diameter and wall thickness to her manager Janet Lin. Janet Lin slightly modified the plan, but the quotation was still far higher than 33,000 USD. Anthony gave a budget of 30,000 USD and a 30-day delivery time. He said to us that if our price is acceptable, they will buy from us, because we look professional.

Due to the time difference, with the help of Janet Lin, Betty Zhang often chat with customers until 11 o'clock in the night. In the end, the customer pay 50,500 USD for the machine. Now the machine arrives at the customer factory, and the installation is guided online and after-sales service is done.

Customer case

Customer name :Wu Wang
Client country: Cameroon
Customer ordered products: 30HP 20HP screw machine.

And customers: the customer sent inquiry Maly Zhang for since 2019, but the requirements were not very detailed. Maly Zhang sent a few emails to customers, went unheard, But It is a surprise that Maly Zhang received his email in a morning. In fact, this situation is very common for foreign trade personnel. In this way, Maly Zhang communicated smoothly and finally added WeChat. Then Maly Zhang talked with the customer for more than a month. And the customer decided to buy 2 sets screw machines. After the delivery, Maly Zhang kept in contact with the customer at WeChat, during which time, he also took the initiative to introduce the customer to Maly Zhang. Since he was very satisfied with the machine and service of Faygo Union, he ordered again for several times. Although Maly Zhang has never met the client, the geographical location is far away and the language is different, it does not prevent Maly Zhang and the client from becoming good friends.

Customers' comments :

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