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About Us


About Company

FAYGO UNION GROUP has 3 branch factories

office (2)

First Factory

First is FAYGOBLOW which design and make blow molding machine for PET, PE etc. FAYGOBLOW has 5 patents of invention, and 8 patents utility models. FAYGO PET blow molding machine is one of fastest and most energy-efficient design in the world.


Second Factory

Second factory is FAYGOPLAST, which make plastic extrusion machinery, including plastic pipe extruding line, plastic profile extruding line. Especially FAYGOPLAST can supply high speed up to 40 m/min PE,PPR pipe line.

No.2 workshop

Third Factory

 Third factory is FAYGO RECYCLING, which research new technology in plastic bottle ,film recycling processing and pelletizing. Now FAYGO RECYCLING can make up to 4000kg/hr. PET bottle washing line, and 2000kg/hr plastic film washing line

Now FAYGO UNION had get many orders from Alibaba by Trade Assurance. our Trade Assurance is more than USD 2000,000. So you are  free to buy from FAYGO without any worries.

Our Skills & Expertise

Now FAYGO UNION had get many orders from Alibaba by Trade Assurance. our Trade Assurance is more than USD 2000,000. So you are  free to buy from FAYGO without any worries.

Now FAYGO UNION GROUP has more than 500 customers from different countries, including UK, Spain, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey Russia etc. from Europe ,and America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela,  Chilly etc from America, and Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, India, Thailand, Indonesia etc. from  Asia, and many customers from Africa.

Our factory is located in Zhangjiagang city, covers an area of 26,650 square meters. It only takes around two hours driving from SHANGHAI international airport.

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The Customer

Our Certificates

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Our Customers






Company History

Rooted medicine [2006- 2012]

Our CEO Mr. Figo founded our company, named Zhangjiagang FaygoUnion Science and Technology Co. Ltd, in which “Faygo” means the first customer who helped him while “Union” stands for that friends work together to create a better future. In this year, We rent a workshop in Jinfeng town, zhangjiagang city, and started to produce plastic extrusion machines for pipes, profile, etc.

With new engineers joined us, we started to produce plastic recycling machines, including plastic crushing and washing line, plastic granulating line.

Mr. Figo founded another company called Suzhou Yuda Air Compressor Co. Ltd., which sells the top brand air compressor in China.

Due to the development of the company, we rent two more factories so that we could have enough space for machine production and storage.

Our company bought a bigger factory, which occupied an area of 20000 square meters and we no longer rent factories. In addition, we changed the company name into Jiangsu FaygoUnion Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Phoenix town, Zhangjiagang city. We had more and more customers from now on.

Sedna Freebie

Rooted medicine [2014- ]

With the company expansion, we built a new workshop and office on our land.What was more, we have established a stable partnership with customers from all over the world.

We moved into new office and got 15 patents that obtained national certification.

We bought another factory, which was only 1km away from current workshop where some of our machines would be produced including plastic pipe、profile extrusion machine, waste plastic recycling machine, blow molding machine, filing machine, air compressor, bottle cutting machine, can/ bottle sealing machine.

During the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, our company started to produce PP melt-blown fabric machine for mask cloth, face mask machine which has achieved great success and has produced masks steadily in many customer’s factories.

Sedna Freebie