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work injury prevention and safety training project is launched in Faygo

Zhangjiagang Plastic Industry Association work injury prevention and safety training project is launched in Faygo union

At 9 o’clock on August 18, 2021, Zhangjiagang Plastic Industry Association Secretariat and the people’s office leader, leading Zhangjiagang Work injury to prevent safety production experts to travel and guidance for Faygo union Machinery Co., Ltd..


The expert group first reviewed the safety production of the Faygo union and the work injury prevention and other projects, and then the expert group was deeply in-depth workshop to check the company’s electricity, dangerous goods storage and other projects, and it is easy to neglect in safety production hidden dangers. Carefully check and take pictures.


After the workshop check, the project group came to the conference room of the Faygo union. At the symposium, the Expert Group made a simple picture and guidance on the safety hazard of production workshop, gave affirmation on the highlights of the flying pigeon friend, and also expressed their affirmation and praise on the attitude of  Faygo union.


Mr.Figo Hussian, Faygo union Machinery Co., Ltd., said, thank you for the Huangjiagang Plastics Industry Association and the Human Social Agency’s multi-line bridge, which sent us a timely help and improvement. Xie always said that companies will effectively enhance employee safety production awareness, strengthen the safety production system of the workshop, and continue to adhere to the philosophy of “doing machines, do a good job”, and provide better service for customers.


Post time: Oct-12-2021