we have two booth here, one is for PET bottle blowing machine and the booth number is 11.1 C01, we will bring our 4 cavity 6500-7200BPH PET bottle blowing machine here (this type machine with the features as following: 1. High speed; 2. Energy saving, just need 22kw operation power; 3. Easy operation, it is totally servo motor control, no need low pressure air compressor); another is for plastic pipe, sheet, profile extrusion machinery, and the booth number is 2.2 K51. we will bring our 16-40mm PVC double pipe extrusion machine here (this type machine have the features as following: 1. Bigger capacity, it can produce two pipe at one time); 2. Easy operation: The two side vacuum cooling tank can be adjust separately, It will reduce the waste of the raw material at the beginning of the operation).